Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On The Move...Again.

This week we are in the process of moving. Again. I say again because in the nearly 4 years we have been married, we have moved quite a few times. This will actually make move #5. That is right, 5 moves in just under 4 years.

I can't wait to get into our new house. It is the perfect home to grow into. We are totally in love with it. I will do my best to "document" our moving process, which begins at the end of the week. And as soon as we get into the new house I promise to share pictures.

The stress of this move has been a bit overwhelming, maybe because we have moved so much I just get so anxious and stressed over the whole situation. One thing that I am so proud of myself for is before we started the packing process I went through every room/closet in our apartment and cleaned out so much stuff to throw away! I'm talking 7 large trash bags! I was so proud of myself. I have never been a hoarder, but it just feels so good to purge once in a while! Check out that pile of junk we got rid of! This is probably more exciting for me than anyone else.

Stay tuned for pictures of our move and the new house!

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  1. I love throwing stuff away!! :) Can't wait to see your new house!