Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trying to Conceive and Finding Out About Baby McKinney

As some of you know Jonathan and I have had a fairly difficult time maintaining pregnancies and then finally getting pregnant. If you read back in my blog you will see the stories of our miscarriages. After two back to back miscarriages and then 1+ years of TTC (trying to conceive) for the third time we were finally referred to Dallas IVF to try and move things along for us. We went in and had the preliminary tests done and nothing unusual was revealed to us. Our infertility doctor mapped out our new plan and we immediately placed the order for the fertility drugs. The fertility drugs arrived on Friday, March 1st and we were to begin our first cycle of injections the next week.

On Sunday night (just two days after the drugs arrived) I decided to take a pregnancy test because well, why the heck not? I also decided not to tell Jon I was taking a test. A few minutes later I found myself staring at the test saying to myself "Holy CRAP!!" about 10x over. At this point I still decided not to tell Jon I was pregnant because I knew he would want to see another test, so I hid the positive test in my dresser drawer and went to the kitchen to get a huge glass of water (or three glasses). As I passed Jonathan in the living room he stopped me and said "what are you doing back there? It's Sunday night. Come out here and hang out with me." I told him I was just taking care of a few things in the bedroom and would be out soon. I shut the bedroom door behind me and began chugging water. About an hour+ and one frustrated/ignored husband later I had a second positive pregnancy test. At this point it was after 9:00pm and I knew I couldn't wait until the next day to tell Jon I was pregnant. I had little time to come up with something cute. I went in the gift wrapping drawer and got some ribbon and tied each of the positive tests to the dogs collars, told Jon to call the dogs, and started recording. His reaction was great because he was so annoyed with me not hanging out with him that I couldn't get him to call the dogs. The great news I had for him made up for my absence in the living room but his sour attitude on the first part of the video is pretty funny. ;)

Our official due date is 11-12-13 and I'm just over 12 weeks along! Thank you Jesus for our sweet miracle! We are so honored and humbled the Lord is making us parents!