Monday, July 19, 2010

Homemade Pizza Anyone??? Oh yes I did.

Anyone who knows my husband and I knows how much we love and adore pizza. Our favorite place to order pizza delivery is iFratelli. My favorite place to go out to dinner for pizza is Fireside Pies here in Grapevine.

My newest passion for pizza is making it homemade! I'm talking about fresh mozzarella, homemade pizza sauce, and fresh handtorn basil...Oh yes I did! Unfortunately, I had to buy a ready made crust because our grocery store did not have pizza dough. Does anyone happen to know where you can buy a really good pizza dough in the Grapevine area, or does anyone have a good recipe for a homemade one? I like mine thin and crispy!

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  1. yum!!! that looks so good! you should see if you can buy dough from iFratelli. go to and click on cooking and she has a good pizza dough recipe.